Monday, October 22, 2007

Poverty in America

Attend a Public Forum
presented by
Callaway Citizens for Peace & Justice
Thursday Nov 1, 2007
7 PM
in the Friends Room of
Callaway County Public Library
710 Court St.
Fulton, Missouri
Callaway Citizens for Peace & Justice: is an interfaith group with Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Humanist participants. People with other belief systems are invited to join us. People of good will have many concerns in common, including hunger, peace, justice, homelessness, and poverty. It is our hope that by working together we can reduce the pain and heartbreak of these problems. We may even come to a deeper understanding, and develop greater respect and acceptance of each other. By questioning the speakers and their arguments, we hope to stimulate your questions and dialogue.


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Here is a copy of the press release emailed today to local media outlets.

For Immediate Release
October 24, 2007
Poverty In America Forum 11/1/2007

A forum entitled "Poverty In America" will be presented at the Callaway County Public Library in Fulton, Missouri in the Friends Room, Thursday, November 1, at 7 PM. This forum is offered free to the public by Callaway Citizens For Peace and Justice, a local group dedicated to creating interfaith dialogue on issues of interest to the public.

The meeting will feature Cynthia H. Kramer JD, LL. M, associate professor of Political/ Legal Studies at William Woods University; Robin Acree. Director of GRO: Grass Roots Organizing in Missouri; and Brenda Rose, Director of Central Missouri Community Action. The three guest speakers will be questioned by an interfaith panel. The panel includes a Humanist minister, a Christian minister, a Buddhist activist, the Head of Community Housing, a member of the Islamist Speakers Bureau, and a Catholic educator. The audience will have the opportunity to direct questions to both the speakers and the interfaith panel.